FIRA is a music group playing a highly original blend of metal and dance music based around a storyline. The songs in their upcoming debut album are written with a plot that follows the characters “Fira” and “Vette” as they set off on an adventure to save their home. 


The group was solidified after their first international tour and initial recordings in Italy. They went on to play shows throughout the pacific southwest and built a consistent following in Las Vegas. FIRA then expanded their radius in the United States by performing at the New Orleans Endless Night Vampire Ball in 2019. In November 2019, the group headlined the major Los Angeles goth club Bar Sinister. Several months after that they shared the stage with iconic goth rock band Orgy at the Los Angeles Endless Night Vampire Ball. Their song “Endless Night” has also been featured as the opening theme song for the newly released Endless Night Radio Show on DashTalkX radio. FIRA is quickly becoming a staple in the goth music scene. 


Up until the end of 2019 FIRA had played as a four piece band which included a hired bassist and drummer in addition to the core members. After the show at Bar Sinister the core members made the decision to proceed as a duo for the sake of consistency, efficiency, and musicality. The duo wanted to move away from acoustic drum and bass sounds and progress into a more electronically based sound that would be more appropriate for the goth and dance clubs they were building relationships with. 


FIRA then began working with producer Anthony Montemorano (lead singer and producer for MURSIC and Neon Coven) on their debut album “From Vegas With Blood” which is scheduled to release in October 2020. Montemorano has helped elevate the quality of content tremendously as exemplified by FIRA’s latest release “Endless Night”.  His experience as a DJ and rock/metal musician has helped to establish the sound that the group wanted to achieve with this album and brought together a perfect marriage of metal and dance music. The theatrical nature of the production style has lent itself perfectly to the content and storyline of the album.

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