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Made of Music and Fire


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About FIRA

FIRA is a Dance Metal band that plays original music based around a fantasy “Vampirate” storyline. The songs in their debut album “From Vegas With Blood” are written with a plot that follows the characters “Fira” and “Vette” (played by founding members Hannah Fira and Michael “Vette” Rodd) as they set off on an adventure to save their realm. 


The group was solidified after their first international tour and initial recordings in Italy. They have since toured throughout the pacific southwest and built a consistent following in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. FIRA has performed at major venues and events across the United States such as the New Orleans House of Blues, Los Angeles goth club Bar Sinister and The Globe Theater, where the group shared the stage with iconic goth rock band Orgy at the 2020 Los Angeles Endless Night Vampire Ball. 


The band filmed a beautiful music video at the vampire ball for their single  “Endless Night”  which has also been featured as the opening theme song for the Endless Night Radio Show on DashTalkX radio. FIRA has been included in a Rolling Stone article as a performer at the 2019 New Orleans Endless Night Vampire Ball. FIRA is quickly becoming a leading force in the music scene and truly is a labor of love made of music and fire!


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